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S.P.L.A.S.H. Fountain
Have you been to Freeport's Nautical Mile lately? If so, you can attest to the festive atmosphere. There are many restaurants, outdoor clubs/bars, party and fishing boats, mini golf, ice cream parlor, Italian ice vendors, and so much more for you to enjoy. Incidentally, Freeport was recently named one of the 20 coolest towns in the US. It ranks number 7 by Matador Networks, due mostly to the Nautical Mile, Rec Center, and maritime heritage.
The action picks up beginning the weekend preceding Memorial Day, and runs into early October. Thousands flock here each day to revel in all the activities, or just enjoy the sights. It is a great date location, as well as a
family getaway.
The Nautical Mile is located in the Incorporated Village of Freeport. It runs alongside Woodcleft Canal on Woodcleft Avenue. It is located 45 minutes east of Manhattan, and is accessible by the LIRR, as well as by major parkways and of course, by boat.
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